Experienced, Wirral-Based Voice Over

Reassuring, confident, distinctive and trustworthy tones with a hint of a Northern accent.

Hello and welcome!

I’ve been talking into mics now since 1987! I have a versatile, warm, neutral British tone with a hint of my Northern roots.

Having worked as an announcer, sound engineer, tv network director and later a senior business leader, I bring insight and experience to deliver corporate and factual scripts with authority, plus working in media all my life means I have the creative instinct to bring your commercial and narration copy to life.

Have a listen to the showreels – there are more on the Narration Demos and Commercial Demos pages.

Andy Steele

Clients I have worked with

What my clients say

"Andy exudes a professional calm and confidence in an articulate, engaging way but what I most appreciate is his humour and bright persona that makes him a joy to be around."

Matt Westrup SVP Technology & Operations, A+E Networks

"I often think of my ‘dream team’ line-up when delivering those hospital-pass projects that skip our way... Andy makes my list every time."

Emma McCarthy
Emma McCarthy VP Business & Branded Services, BBC Studios

"Andy is focused, extremely practical, and not afraid to throw himself into a project, to get the job done. And on top of all of that, he’s really fun to work with."

Juliet Bayliss
Juliet Bayliss Sales Director, Globecast

"I'd have no hesitation working with Andy or recommending him."

Karl Burnett SVP Human Resources, A+E Networks

"Andy can translate complex technical processes and ideas into a clear narrative, easy for the non-technical to follow. He has an acute sense of the absurd and is simply fun to work with."

Karen Harrison
Karen Harrison CFO, Technology & Media

"I was Immediately struck by Andy’s no-nonsense attitude delivered in a manner that made me immediately warm to him. In short he’s is the sort of guy you want delivering your project."

Ian Baker Senior Consultant, Slalom

"This man has talent and, with a refreshingly ‘can do’ attitude and a welcome dollop of warmth and humour. Working with Andy has always been a pleasure."

Jane Ray Director, Cat Flap Media

"I have enjoyed the pleasure of having Andy as a customer and a colleague. He is one of a kind, able to deliver amazing results … I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him for a second. "

Peter Elvidge
Peter Elvidge Media & Entertainment Director, Cognizant

"Working with Andy has been exceptional. His experience in the media industry is immense. Would I recommend him?! Absolutely!!"

Cedric Bendit Head of Operations, Warp Records

Available For

Narration / DocumentaryCommercial Promo / Trailers
Corporate Explainers / Audio GuidesContinuity
E-LearningVoice of God / Live EventsTelephone / IVR
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About Andy

Originally from the North West, I settled in London in the 90s before returning to Wirral at the end of 2020. This has given me a naturally neutral British accent with a hint of my Northern roots – which is easy on ears everywhere.

Starting my career in radio, I went on to become a sound engineer, then sidestepped to TV which led to over 20 successful years in leadership roles of major broadcasters and media service providers – but it has always been at the mic or in the studio where I feel happiest.

Thanks to my leadership experience, I can deliver corporate, eLearning, documentary and factual scripts with confidence, insight and authority. My creative roots bring a deep understanding of how to lift commercial or fiction copy off the page to paint pictures in the listener’s minds. I adapt my delivery to suit every kind of copy and can introduce a hint of character acting to bring your project to life. 

So what are you waiting for? Have a listen to the showreels – there are more on the Demos pages.


Professional, broadcast quality studio and connectivity to deliver

Adobe Audition DAW (and Creative Cloud)Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Headphones
Avid Pro-Tools Studio DAWBeyerdynamic DT100 Headphones
Neuman TLM 103 MicrophoneIzotope RX11 Editing Software
Sennheiser MKH 416 MicrophoneIzotope Ozone 10 Mastering Software
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 I/OSource-Connect Standard
Genelec Monitor SpeakersFull Fibre Broadband

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